Quality management at the Faculty of Humanities

Quality work is the basis for quality management at the University of Turku.

The quality system of the Faculty of Humanities is based on constant evaluation and development of operations according to the University's regulations and decisions. The quality system from the point of view of our own operation has been added on our Intranet pages to those sections where it best serves our quality work.

The Management Group of the Faculty is in charge of the internal control and development of our quality management. The Chair of the Management Group is the Dean of the Faculty and the members include the Vice Dean, Head and Vice Head of both Schools, teachers and student representatives from both Schools, and the central coordinators from the administrative personnel.

In our Faculty, quality work is a part of our everyday work. Quality work is done in working groups that focus on the development of basic education, postgraduate education, research and communication. The meeting minutes of the working groups are available on the Faculty's Intranet pages. High-quality operation is based on specialised, responsible and ethical actions of every member of the University community.

We examine the results of our operation in the Management Group and Council of the Faculty every six months.

> The assessments for our Faculty are available on the University's quality pages