Humanities Day

The Humanities Day is celebrated annually at the end of April right on the cusp of spring. The Humanities Day brings together the entire Faculty: students, doctoral candidates, researchers, teachers and other staff as well as alumni. The Humanities Day highlights the significance of the humanities and helps create a common identity for humanities graduates, researchers and staff.

During the Humanities Day, the annual recipients of the Doctor of the Humanities award, Master of Arts award, and the Humanities Act of the Year award are announced.

The Humanities Day is the best event for finding out the latest trends and goings-on in the field and for getting a sneak peek into the projects that are currently underway within the Faculty.

The Humanities Day is also the day for the Faculty’s alumni. The Humanities Day provides our alumni with the opportunity to meet their old friends and teachers from back in the day.​ One of the goals of the Humanities Day is to deepen the collaboration between alumni, students and researchers as well as teachers: to create new contacts, provide new experiences and create a space for new ideas.

This collaboration helps provide our students with an even better education, conduct more successful research and ensure that the graduates of the Faculty of Humanities can continue to serve as versatile social influencers both now and in the future.