Studying at the Department of European Ethnology

The Department of European Ethnology is a part of the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies in the Faculty of Humanities.

European Ethnology studies everyday phenomena in history, the present and the future. European ethnology research is characterised by its wide-ranging understanding of culture and comprehensive humanities-oriented research approach. Researchers in the field typically collect their materials by utilising various types of field work methods, and they also make extensive use of museum collections and material archives.

The Department of European Ethnology offers a full academic degree (BA, MA and PhD) and those who are interested in specializing in the study of European ethnology. We at the Department of European Ethnology are happy to welcome any interested exchange or degree students to our courses. Course assessment may be based on exams, essays, learning diaries, and other types of writing and field work assignments.

Prospective students should note that even though we do offer some courses and seminars in English and some of the study materials are in English and in Swedish as well, much of the teaching is in Finnish. Since writing skills and presentations are emphasised, students wishing to complete the full three-year Bachelor’s degree programme and/or the two-year Master's degree programme should have sufficient command of Finnish. However, this requirement does not concern exchange students.