Minor subject of Hungarian Language and Culture

Hungarian language is exotically different from the Indo-European languages, and it offers a unique route into both linguistics and continental European culture. Hungarian Language and Culture provides a great opportunity to explore an interesting language and become acquainted with the rich and diverse culture of East-Central Europe.

Studies at Hungarian Language and Culture will give students a good proficiency in Hungarian and create a foundation for expertise in Hungarian culture. Hungarian Language and Culture is available as a minor subject, and it is suitable for students of Finno-Ugric Languages, Finnish and other languages and for students of History, Culture and Arts Studies. Basic and intermediate studies at Hungarian Language and Culture are open to all students at the University.

Hungarian Language and Culture offers great opportunities for those interested in international student exchange programmes. Students can apply for summer courses at the universities in Hungary, take part in an all-year exchange programme, or apply for an internship in governmental agencies in Budapest (such as the Finnish Institute FinnAgora or the Embassy of Finland in Budapest).

Research at Hungarian Language and Culture

Research at Hungarian Language and Culture has traditionally been tightly connected to Hungarian language learning. Consequently, a great deal of comparative linguistic research has been conducted within the subject, and dictionaries and bilingual word lists have also been created. Furthermore, there has been research associated with Hungarian literature, and Hungarian language textbooks have been produced as well. Some of the projects have been carried out in co-operation with Hungarian universities’ research departments. 

Our research topics include:

  • Linguistic terminologies in Finnish and Hungarian
  • Comparative phraseology
  • The progression of textbooks
  • Grammars created for students
  • Finno-Ugric culture contacts 

Research projects 

  • Linguistic terminologies in Finnish and Hungarian 
  • In the 2000s, the subject was involved in the European Union SOCRATES programme’s L2 project with the University of Szeged in Hungary, the University of Hamburg, and the University of Verona. A Hungarian grammar index in Finnish (M. Korchmáros, Valéria: Lépésenként magyarul. Unkarin kielioppi – muillekin kuin unkarilaisille. Szeged 408 pp.) was created as a part of the project which led to the creation of a bilingual linguistic terminology database.