Research at the Department of Occupational Health

Occupational health is an interesting research area. At the University of Turku ​there are several ongoing research projects within the field of occupational health and occupational medicine.

Ongoing projects

  1. Dust mites and storage mites in work environment, occurrence and health effects. Joint project with the Kuopio University Hospital and University of Eastern Finland.
  2. Indoor air in swimming pools and spas, working conditions of the personnell, health effects and pulmonary function among workers and competetive swimmers. Joint project with the centre of Sport Medicine in Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital.
  3. Moulds and actinomycetes in drinking water. Health risk among workers and in Finnish population. Joint project with the National Institute of Health and Welfare, National Health Insurance Institution and Cancer Register.
  4. Legionellae in sew water from pulp mills, exposure and health effects. Joint project with the National Institute of Health and Welfare.
  5. Moisture damage and microbial exposure in Finnish schools, day-care centres and health care facilities, exposure and health effects among workers. Several partners.
  6. Moisture damage, microbial exposure at work place and cancer.  Joint project with the Finnish Cancer Register.

Recent publications

Hoarseness among nurses (2023)

Journal of Voice
Vilén Liisa, Putus Tuula
(Refereed journal article or data article (A1))

Recent doctoral dissertations