Histology core facility provides methods for study of cell and tissue specimen of experimental animal and human origin. The services include tissue processing, preparation of paraffin and frozen blocks and sections, and visualization of tissue and cellular structures using histochemical and immunohistochemical stainings and detection methods. 


Histocore offers the following services:

  • Tissue processing, embedding, sectioning of paraffin embedded and frozen material originating from human and experimental animal material, and xenograft models. 
  • Tissue microarrays (TMAs) can be prepared either manually or using the automated tissue microarrayer (TMA Grand master, 3D Histotech / Auria biobank). The technique involves punching tissue cores from donor paraffin blocks and inserting them to recipient TMA blocks. Sectioning and staining of TMA blocks follows the principles of conventional tissue samples.
  • H&E staining is performed using Leica Autostainer automated slide stainer. The other histochemical stainings are performed manually.
  • Immunohistochemical detection of proteins based on specific antibody binding both in paraffin-embedded and frozen specimen. According to the standard procedure, the method applies immunoperoxidase with DAB visualization of target antigens. Immunohistochemical detection is generally performed using Labvision Autostainer. Researchers are expected to deliver primary antibodies with a few exceptions.
  • In situ hybridizations and immunofluorescence reactions can be negotiated according to the researchers’ needs considering the resources of Histocore. 
  • Demonstration of histological techniques as part of research training is available for researchers who have an ongoing project in Histocore.

Please note that the services of Histocore should be acknowledged in eventual publications: “The histological methods were performed by the Histology core facility of the Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku, Finland”. 

Researchers are offered possibility for consultations concerning histological techniques and interpretations. Please note that consultations are performed as academic collaborations who will be mentioned as a co-author in eventual publications.

Ordering the services

Services can be ordered with the forms below.

If you need advice in ordering, please contact Histocore (histocore@utu.fi).

Delivering the specimen

We accept fresh and fixed tissue, cells on slides or in agarose, paraffin embedded tissue and unstained slides of human and experimental animal origin, and xenograft models. 

After submitting the order, please, deliver your specimen to Histocore, Medisiina D, 5th floor

IMPORTANT! When delivering your material

  • identify each specimen clearly
  • leave the specimen with printout of the order form on the Histocore reception table marked with the sign Incoming samples
  • special requirements for orientations in paraffin embedding can be sent as an e-mail to Histocore (histocore@utu.fi) if applicable or using the second page of service order form
  • special requirements for sectioning can be sent as an e-mail to Histocore (histocore@utu.fi) or using the second page of service order form
  • after receiving an e-mail notification, finished projects can be collected from the Histocore reception table marked with the sign "Outgoing samples"

IMPORTANT! When delivering reagents (e.g. antibodies) or materials (e.g. fresh tissue) which cannot be stored at room temperature, contact Histocore in advance to set a delivery time with Histocore staff.

IMPORTANT! Researchers are responsible for evaluating the potential security risks caused by radioactive labels, toxic agents, or biohazards, such as pathogenic and infectious material. Before delivering the materials, Histocore should be informed about the risks and necessary precautions in handling the material.

Contact information

Email: histocore@utu.fi

Visiting address: Histocore, Medisiina D, 5th floor (Location on the campus map


Pauliina Kronqvist
+358 50 436 4099

Kati Talvinen
+358 50 340 0809

Erica Nyman
+358 29 450 4535

Sinikka Collanus
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Marja-Riitta Kajaala
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