Biostatistics and Data Management at the Research Centre for Child Psychiatry

Our Biostatistics and Data Management (BDM) team has strong experience in digital intervention studies (from RCT to implementation studies), clinical- and epidemiological surveys and register-based research. The team is responsible for the center's BDM functions and participates in the center's projects throughout their life cycles, ensuring the best possible quality and scientific credibility. We are determined to do continuous developmental work to improve our research processes related to various BDM aspects of the projects.

Our activities in biostatistics
  • Management of research agreements (e.g. Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Statistics Finland)
  • Study design, sample size calculations, evaluation of objectives as well as statistical methods approach together with protocol input and writing
  • Statistical analysis plans, statistical analysis
  • Validation of analyses and sensitivity analysis
  • Interpretation and reporting of results in collaboration with researchers


Our activities in data management
  • Coordinating and developing the digital intervention programs
  • Communication with registry authorities
  • Linking data from different sources
  • Data collection, planning data entry, coordinating of data entry
  • Data validation, development, documentation and archiving of databases
National registers utilized in research

including but not limited to

  • Medical Birth Register, Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Care Register for Health Care,  Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Register of Induced Abortions, Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Register of Congenital alformations, Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Population Information System, Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Biobanks
  • Register data, Social Insurance Institution of Finland
  • Statistical databases, Statistics Finland
  • Register data, Police of Finland
  • Register data, Finnish Defence Forces