The Faculty Board of Faculty of the Social Sciences

The remit of the Board is to develop education and research in the faculty, to make proposals for the action and financial plan and the annual budget and to decide on the guidelines for distributing the resources allocated to the faculty, to adopt the curricula, to approve doctoral and licentiate dissertations and to give permission for the defence of dissertations at a public examination, to propose the number of new students to be admitted annually into the faculty and to decide on the admission criteria, and to handle and resolve other issues assigned to it.

Faculty Board until 31.12.2021


Full member Debuty
Louis Clerc, chairman Lauri Paltemaa
Elina Mainela-Arnold Paula Salo
​Heikki Ervasti ​Jani Erola
​Antti Pajala ​Helena Siipi
​Arttu Saarinen Tuula Kaitsaari
​Tuomo Häikiö Kati Renvall
​Perttu Laitila Camilla Saarinen
​Tiia Ylä-Peräinen Olli Saarinen
​Eveliina Kunttu ​Jenni Mäkisalo