Studying at Political Science

Political Science students study political organizations, international relations and government with the objective of conducting research on the state, political systems and power. The section of Political Science at the University of Turku currently offers two different study subprogrammes: Political Systems and International Relations.

Although the Political Science section does not currently offer an English language degree program, the Department does offer several courses in English, as well as book exams in English for university credits.

What is Political Science?

Political Science is an academic discipline that conducts analysis of political systems, international relations and governance. The key concepts in political science are among other things: the state, political organizations and power.
General Political Science research focuses on politics and political organizations and the theories and philosophies behind them.  Also of concern are governmental and non-governmental structures, functions and processes, policy outputs and their effects on society, as well as the behaviour of individuals, groups and political organizations.
International Relations research focuses on international actors and their policies, international structures and their processes and global problems - their management and resolution through international cooperation. This academic (sub)discipline also conducts research related to philosophical and methodological questions within International Relations.
Political Science teaching is based on scientific research. On the introductory level, instruction is aimed at providing students with an overview of the major traditions of political theory, approaches, basic concepts and key research issues. As study progresses, the focus moves to explanatory devices, research methodology and theoretical perspectives in political science.
The staff of Political Science at the University of Turku includes: 3 professors, 4 senior lecturers or lecturers, research assistants, a staff secretary as well as Ph.D. students and project researchers.

Career Skills

Political Science education does not prepare students for a specific career path, instead the breadth of learning offered enables graduates to work in a number of different fields.  Political Science graduates have the skills to understand and interpret complex societal phenomena and to participate in political, admininistrative and communicative processes while taking advantage of their theoretical understandings.
A Political Science education offers fundamental knowledge about political life in various sectors, such as international organizations, government, management and planning, whilst training students for employment in these various contexts.
The employment prospects for Political Science majors are relatively good. The majority of graduates find work in the public administration in Finland, the European Union and other international frameworks. Many of the graduates also work within the media, in the educational sector, business and civil society.

International Connections

Political Science at the University of Turku has a significant number of active and developing international partners of co-operation.  Many students also have the opportunity to study abroad as exchange students.