Doctoral Programme of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Doctoral Programme of Social and Behavioural Sciences is part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). The field of a Doctor of Social Sciences can be philosophy, contemporary history, social policy, social work, sociology, economic sociology, political science, sociology of education, or East Asian Studies. The degree of a Doctor of Psychology is in the field of psychology. The field of a Doctor of Philosophy can be philosophy, speech-language pathology or psychology.

Each of the faculty’s professionals approaches society from the perspective of their own academic discipline.  ​The current research themes are listed below:

  • Political organizations, international relations and government with the objective of conducting research on the state, political systems and power.
  • The recent history of politics, international relations and society
  • Contemporary East-Asian societies and politics including their recent histories.
  • Bioethics, philosophy of political and social sciences, and the history of philosophy (especially early modern philosophy)
  • Research on cognition and various states of consciousness, studying the neural basis of various cognitive processes, and research on reading and reading comprehension.
  • Multicultural Research, Political Sociology, Sociology of Housing, Social Inequalities, Social Theory and Welfare Research


Fortcoming open calls to the doctoral programme:

2.-20 of March 2020, call for study rights, decisions by 31st of May 2020

1.-18 of September 2020, call for study rights and salary positions, decision by 30th of November 2020

1.-19 of March 2021, call for study rights, decisions by 31st of May 2021




The Direct of the Doctoral Programme:
professor Juha Räikkä

The Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme:
coordinator Vesa Rautio

Please contact the coordinator, if you want to attend the emailning list for doctoral students or supervisors.

March 2020 call for applications and the application form

Call for applications document

Link to the application form is open 2-20.3.2020