Materials for Flexible Devices

The main focus of our research is on investigating the use of novel materials, particularly 2D and metal nanomaterials, sustainable polymers, bioinspired architectures, and the development of micro-nanofabrication techniques to create flexible surfaces with useful functionality.

We are looking at materials that are highly durable and bioinspired, as well as how they might be used in flexible electronics and microsystems.

Our research aims to improve the designs of stretchable gadgets and other industrial products in the future by deepening our understanding of the mechanical principles of bioinspired systems and combining them with sustainable materials and micro-nanofabrication processes.

Areas of expertise

  • Materials science
  • Bioinspiration and Biomimetics
  • Flexible electronics
  • Sustainable nanomaterials
  • 2D and 1D nanomaterials



This project is funded by Academy of Finland (2020-2023). This project aims at fabrication of biodegradable, stretchable and flexible electronic devices using unique features present in the biotic architectures as an inspiration.


This project is funded by KONE Foundation (2022-2025). The main aim of this project is to develop electronic skins (E-skins) based on biomimetic nanostructured and stretchable surfaces using sustainable and biodegradable materials.