Training programme: Hack my Course!

This training provides you with new methods and tools, which help you to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into your own teaching.

For whom?

The programme is aimed at teachers who are interested in developing their teaching/course to support active and student-centered learning. The program is suitable for any courses in any subject or domain.

N.B. Currently we are able to organise the workshop only for groups, not individual participants. 

Contents of the programme

The program is based on the Hackathon concept, with emphasis on providing the participants with tools for integrating innovation and entrepreneurial competencies into their teaching. 

During the 4-day programme, the participants develop a completely new course or make changes to an existing one. Experienced facilitators will guide the participants, and provide concrete examples for developing their course and using the newly learnt tools in their teaching. 

Each part of Hack my Course! is designed to promote the overreaching goal, namely to facilitate innovation of education and teaching in each participants context and domain.

Our expertise

There is a long history of entrepreneurship research at the University of Turku. We have Finland’s leading and internationally most active entrepreneurship research group. It produces academic and applied research on the meaning, different forms, and advancement of entrepreneurship in society.

Entrepreneurship research at the University of Turku is focused on studying the entrepreneurial and innovation processes, entrepreneurial activities, and new modes of work in a changing society. A specific interest is in investigating the role of entrepreneurship in different economic, social, and cultural contexts.

Duration and delivery

4-days training.

Training can be organised either in Finland or in the customer's location.

"The main take-aways from this course are new tools and methods for integrating innovation and entrepreneurial competencies into teaching"