Course Assignments at TSE

Almost every class at TSE has a co-operation possibility for TSE's partners. One of the most popular ways of co-operation is a course assignment where a company represents a problem or research possibility and the students are then given free hands to try and solve the problem at hand.

Please note that all of our courses are limited to a certain time during the year and thus the screening for the most suitable course should be done in well advance.

In a nutshell:

  • What? Research or problem solving student assignment
  • Benefit? Cost efficient way to reach students, academic knowledge and problem solving
  • What is required? Time from the employees for the planning and feedback during the course
  • Price? Varies. Some courses offer the co-operation for free of charge where as other may charge for the operationalization costs

Would you like to hear more?

Addresses are in the form: first name.last

  • Accounting and Finance: Mikko Kepsu
  • Management and Organisation: Maija Vähämäki
  • Marketing: Leila Hurmerinta
  • International Business: Elina Pelto
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management: Harri Lorentz
  • Entrepreneurship: Sanna Ilonen
  • Economics: Jouni Jokinen
  • Business Law: Rosanna Virtanen
  • Economic Geography: Heli Marjanen
  • Quantitative Methods in Management: Luiz Alvarez Esteban
  • Information Systems Science: Ensisijaisesti Antti Tuomisto, toissijaisesti Jukka Heikkilä