CCR for Companies

Recognizing companies' challenges and responding to them calls for exceptional capabilities in problem solving and good understanding of the current phenomena in the business world. CCR specializes in multidisciplinary research and deep collaboration with experts from different branches of science. Multidisciplinarity is undeniably the best approach for companies that have to tackle complex business challenges.

CCR expertice that benefits companies:

  • business renewal
  • identification of dynamic capabilities
  • Industry dynamics and business ecosystems
  • business disruptions
  • challenges of transforming working life

For joint research projects with companies we build research teams with know-how relevant for challenge at hand. Researchers from relevant fields engage in intense and value adding collaboration. We collaborate extensively with all TSE departments and numerous faculties of the University of Turku.

CCR opens a channel for companies to access the latest academic research and to collaborate with academic experts. In research initiatives that stem from a group of companies the participating companies get the opportunity to network with other companies, business ecosystems and public sector organizations. We strive for building long term interaction and engagement between the university and businesses that result in innovations and mutual benefits.

Launching multidisciplinary research initiatives necessitates integration and coordination of numerous experts. CCR has accumulated significant experience and expertise both in multidisciplinary research as well as in carrying out this kind of projects successfully.

We tailor research collaboration for your needs: 

  • Research programme for significant novel initiatives including many R&D projects. Typical duration 3-5 years.
  • Research projects that support company developmetn. For example Business Finland or EU-funded project. Duration 1-3 years.
  • Comissioned research for clearly defined information needs. Duration ½-1 years.
  • Master's theses assignments, course assignments and other forms of student engagement. Duration ½-1 years.
  • It is also possible to link the collaboration to leadership development  programmes by TSE exe

Multidicsiplinary research projects and networks