Collaboration at Economic Geography

The spatial perspective of economic geography results in diverse societal collaboration and effectivenes - on local, regional, national and international levels. In economic geography, we work in close cooperation with, for example, retail and tourism industries as well as regional development organizations. Economic geographers are actively involved in various cooperation networks (e.g. Turku Science Park Oy, Visit Turku, Regional Council of Southwest Finland, City of Turku, Turku Chamber of Commerce and Turku, Turku Businessmen’s Association).

The research produced by Economic geography often supports local and regional decision-making process within companies and other organizations. We frequently present our research findings in different events and seminars as well as comment economic phenomena in different media. Moreover, we act as board members in scientific societies (The Geographical Society of Finland, The Finnish Society for Tourism Research) that promote the significance and societal effectiveness of scientific research.