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The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), in which high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

In years 2002-2016 PEI published reports about topical research areas in publication series "Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute".

In addition, PEI publishes information packages for foreign investors. The packages deal with emerging markets in Europe and various economic regions in Russia.

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Baltic Rim Economies

The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea region. In the BRE review, high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

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Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute

Until 2016 Pan-European Institute published expert reports in Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute publication series. The reports discuss about topical economic issues within Europe and its neighboring countries as well as latest research results.

Reports from years 2013-2016 can be read and loaded from below.

PEI Publications 2010

Prazdnichnykh, Alexey – Liuhto, Kari: Can Russian companies innovate? – Views of some 250 Russian CEOs (21/2010)

Mäkinen, Hanna: Energy efficiency – a new energy resource for Russia? (20/2010)

Christie, Edward Hunter: The Russian gas price reform and its impact on Russian gas consumption (19/2010)

Shadrina, Elena: Russia’s foreign energy policy: norms, ideas and driving dynamics (18/2010)

Christie, Edward Hunter: EU natural gas demand: uncertainty, dependence and bargaining power (17/2010)

Tsachevsky, Venelin: Bulgaria’s EU membership: the adaptation to the new status is not over (16/2010)

Panibratov, Andrei: Russian multinationals: entry strategies and post-entry operations (15/2010)

Laaksonen, Eini: Political risks of foreign direct investment in the Russian gas industry – The Shtokman gas field project in the Arctic Ocean (14/2010)

Shashnov, Serguei – Prihodko, Serguei: Selection of priorities for innovation development of the region: Russian experience (13/2010)

Prihodko, Serguei: Обследование инвестиционной активности предприятий в период экономического роста в России (2001-2005 гг.) (12/2010)

Vahtra, Peeter: The Rusnano Corporation and internationalisation of Russia's nanotech industry (11/2010)

Liuhto, Kari: Energy in Russia's foreign policy (10/2010)

Mäkinen, Hanna: The future of natural gas as the European Union's energy source – risks and possibilities (9/2010)

Zashev, Peter – Dezhina, Irina: Internationalisation of Russian small innovation companies: motives and limitations (8/2010)

Kuznetsov, Alexey: Industrial and geographical diversification of Russian foreign direct investments (7/2010)

Bogomolov, Oleg: Global economic crisis: lessons for the world and Russia (6/2010)

Vahtra, Peeter: A dawn for outward R&D investments from Russia? (5/2010)

Zasimova, Liudmila: Public policy and access to new drugs: evidence from Russian pharmaceutical market (2/2010)

PEI Publications 2009

Mäkinen, Hanna (ed.): Baltic Rim Economies Expert Articles 2009 (24/2009)

Yeremeyeva, Irina: The impact of the global economic crisis on Belarusian economy (23/2009)

Kaartemo, Valtteri: Russian innovation system in international comparison - the BRIC countries in focus (22/2009)

Usanov, Artur: External trade of the Kaliningrad Oblast (21/2009)

Vahtra, Peeter: Expansion or Exodus? Russian TNCs amidst the global economic crisis (20/2009)

Dezhina, Irina - Kaartemo, Valtteri: All quiet on the innovation front – the Russian reaction to the economic crisis (19/2009)

Liuhto, Kari - Heikkilä, Marika - Laaksonen, Eini: Political risk for foreign firms in the Western CIS - An analysis on Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine (18/2009)

Blyakha, Nataliya: Investment potential of the Crimea region (17/2009)

Braghiroli, Stefano - Carta, Caterina: An index of friendliness toward Russia: An analysis of the member states and Member of the European Parliament's positions (15/2009)

Kaartemo, Valtteri - Lisitsyn, Nikita - Peltola, Kaisa-Kerttu: Innovation infrastructure in St. Petersburg – Attractiveness from the Finnish managerial perspective (14/2009)

Yeremeyeva, Irina: Russian investments in Belarus (13/2009)

Liuhto, Kari - Vahtra, Peeter: Who governs the Russian economy? A cross-section of Russia's largest corporations (12/2009)

Mau, Vladimir: The drama of 2008: from economic miracle to economic crisis (11/2009)

Prikhodko, Sergey: Development of Russian foreign trade (10/2009)

Izryadnova, Olga: Investments in real sector of the Russian economy (9/2009)

Liuhto, Kari (ed.): EU-Russia gas connection: Pipes, politics and problems (8/2009)

Blyakha, Nataliya: Russian foreign direct investment in Ukraine (7/2009)

Barauskaite, Laura: Chinese Foreign Investments and Economic Relations with the Baltic Sea Region Countries (6/2009)
Charushina, Oxana: Some remarks on the impact of European Union membership on the economies of Austria and Finland – some lessons for Croatia (5/2009)

Sutyrin, Sergei: Internationalization of Russian Economy: threats and opportunities in time of crisis (4/2009)

Efimova, Elena - Tsenzharik, Maria: Electronic Logistics Services in Russia: the bridge to United Europe (3/2009)

Liuhto, Kari: Special Economic Zones in Russia - What do the zones offer for foreign firms? (2/2009)

Ehrstedt, Stefan - Zashev, Peter: Belarus for Finnish investors (1/2009)

PEI Publications 2008

Tuominen, Karita - Lamminen, Eero: Russian special economic zones (18/2008)

Lamminen, Eero - Tuominen, Karita: Relocation of headquarters to Saint Petersburg - Public discussion from Russia (17/2008)

Vahtra, Peeter - Lorentz, Harri: Analysis on Krasnodar and Rostov regions - Opportunities for foreign food manufacturers (16/2008)

Purica, Ionut - Iordan, Marioara: EU and the new century's energy conflicts (15/2008)

Vahtra, Peeter - Ehrstedt, Stefan: Russian energy supplies and the Baltic Sea region (14/2008)

Baltic Rim Economies Expert Articles 2004-2008 (13/2008)

Kaartemo, Valtteri: Döner Ekonomi - Analysis of Turkish Economy (12/2008)

Peltola, Kaisa-Kerttu: Russian innovation system in international comparison - Opportunities and challenges for the future of innovation development in Russia (11/2008)

Dezhina, Irina - Peltola, Kaisa-Kerttu: International Learning in Innovation Area: Finnish Experience for Russia (10/2008)

Usanov, Artur: Special Economic Zone in Kaliningrad as a Tool of Industrial Development: The Case of the Consumer Electronics Manufacturing (9/2008)

Zashev, Peter: Current state and development potential of Russian Special Economic Zones - Case study on the example of Saint Petersburg SEZ (8/2008)

Vahtra, Peeter - Zashev, Peter: Russian automotive manufacturing sector - an industry snapshot for foreign component manufacturers (7/2008)

Cameron, Fraser - Matta, Aaron: Prospects for EU-Russia relations (6/2008)

Krushynska, Tetiana: Ukrainian-Russian economic relations, eurointegration of Ukraine: problems, role, perspectives (in Russian) (5/2008)

Ehrstedt, Stefan - Vahtra, Peeter: Russian energy investments in Europe (4/2008)

Liuhto, Kari: Genesis of Economic Nationalism in Russia (3/2008)

Nirkkonen, Tuomas: Chinese Energy Security and the Unipolar World - Integration or confrontation (1/2008)

PEI Publications 2007

Nojonen, Matti: The Dragon and the Bear ‘facing a storm in common boat’ – an overview of Sino-Russian relationship (19/2007)

Kaartemo, Valtteri (ed.): New role of Russian enterprises in international business (18/2007)

Jaakkola, Jenni: Income convergence in the enlarged European Union (16/2007)

Brunat, Eric: Issues of professional development of labour resources in the Kaliningrad region (15/2007)

Dezhina, Irina - Zashev, Peter: Linkages in innovation system in Russia - Current status and opportunities for Russian-Finnish collaboration (14/2007)

Vahtra, Peeter: Expansion or Exodus? - The new leaders among the Russian TNCs (13/2007)
Kärnä, Veikko: The Russian mining industry in transition (12/2007)

Kuznetsov, Alexei V.: Prospects of various types of Russian transnational corporations (TNCs) (10/2007)

Uiboupin, Janek: Cross-border cooperation and economic development in border regions of Western Ukraine (9/2007)

Liuhto, Kari (ed.): External economic relations of Belarus (8/2007)

Kaartemo, Valtteri: The motives of Chinese foreign investments in the Baltic Sea region (7/2007)

Vahtra, Peeter - Pelto, Elina (eds.): The Future Competitiveness of the EU and Its Eastern Neighbours (6/2007)

Lorentz, Harri: Finnish industrial companies’ supply network cooperation and performance in Russia (5/2007)

Liuhto, Kari: A future role of foreign firms in Russia’s strategic industries (4/2007)

Lisitsyn, Nikita: Technological cooperation between Finland and Russia: Example of technology parks in St. Petersburg (3/2007)

Avdasheva, Svetlana: Is optimal industrial policy possible for Russia? Implications from value chain concept (2/2007)

Liuhto, Kari: Kaliningrad, an Attractive Location for EU Investors (1/2007)

PEI Publications 2005-2006

Lorentz, Harri: Food Supply Chains in Ukraine and Kazakhstan (11/2006)

Hannula, Kaisa-Kerttu: Doing Business in Ukraine - Experiences of two Finnish Companies (10/2006)

Uiboupin, Janek: Industrial clusters and regional development in Ukraine: the implications of foreign direct investments and trade (9/2006)

Avdasheva, Svetlana: Russian Furniture Industry: Enterprises' Upgrading from the Value-Chain Theory Perspectives (8/2006)

Food Industry Value Chains in Leningrad Oblast and Krasnodar Krai (Finngrain - Vilja-alan yhteistyöryhmä) (7/2006)

Zashev, Peter - Vahtra, Peeter: Kazakhstan as a Business Opportunity - Industrial Clusters and Regional Development (6/2006)

Keskitalo, Päivi: Internationalisation of Finnish Environmental Technology to Poland (5/2006)

Heiskanen, Katja: Internationalisation of Finnish Small and Medium-sized Companies towards the New EU Member States in the Baltic Sea Region (4/2006)

Zashev, Peter: Belarus as a Business Opportunity? (3/2006)

Johansson, Linda: International Business Operations of Companies with Russian Involvement in Southwestern Finland (2/2006)

Vahtra, Peeter: Expansion or Exodus? - Trends and Developments in Foreign Investments of Russia's Largest Industrial Enterprises (1/2006)


Hannula, Kaisa-Kerttu: Host Country Determinants and Investment Motives of Finnish FDI in the Publishing Sectors of Bulgaria and Romania (10/2005)

Vahtra, Peeter: Russian Investments in the CIS - Scope, Motivations and Leverage (9/2005)

Liuhto, Kari - Zashev, Peter - Heiskanen, Katja (ed.): The Approaching EU Accession of Bulgaria and Romania - New Opportunities for EU Enterprises (8/2005)

Liuhto, Kari (ed.): Kaliningrad 2020: Its Future Competitiveness and Role in the Baltic Sea Economic Region (7/2005)

Levando, Dmitry: Investigation into the Structure of Reasoning in Economics (6/2005)

Zashev, Peter: Between the Co-competitors: Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Economic Integration in a Bi-polar Europe (4/2005)

Liuhto, Kari - Vincze, Zsuzsanna (ed.): Wider Europe (2/2005)

Lisitsyn, Nikita E. - Sutyrin, Sergei F. - Trofimenko, Olga Y. - Vorobieva, Irina V.: Outward Internationalisation of Russian Leading Telecom Companies (1/2005)

PEI Publications 2002-2004

Purju, Alari: Foreign Trade between the Baltic States and Russia: Trends, Institutional Settings and Impact of the EU Enlargement  (14/2004)
Northern Dimension in the Changing Europe
(Collection of the Writer of the Month -columns published in  (13/2004)

Zashev, Peter: The Russian Million Cities - Business Opportunities and Strategies for Finnish Small and Medium Size Enterprises (12/2004)
Vahtra, Peeter - Lorentz, Harri: Russian Involvement in Finnish Companies - The Energy Sector in Focus (11/2004)
Zashev, Peter: Russian Investments in Lithuania - Politics, Business, Corporate Culture (10/2004)
Vahtra, Peeter - Liuhto, Kari: Expansion or Exodus? - Foreign Operations of Russia's Largest Corporations (8/2004)
Kivikari, Urpo - Antola, Esko: Baltic Sea Region - A Dynamic Third of Europe (7/2004)
Liuhto, Kari - Pelto, Elina - Lipponen, Kirsi: Where to Do Business in Russia? - A Report on Russian Regions, Firms, Foreign Trade and Investment Flows (5/2004)
Zashev, Peter: Russia as an Opportunity for Western SMEs: Preparing a Market Entry Strategy (3/2004)
Vahtra, Peeter: Russian Oil Today and Tomorrow - the Implications of the Case "OAO Yukos" (2/2004)
Lorentz, Harri: The Q4/03 State of the Food Retail Industry in Urban Russia (1/2004)


Liuhto, Kari: Shipments of Russian Oil via the Baltic Sea: A Source of Integration or Disintegration in Europe? (3/2003)
Pelto, Elina - Vahtra, Peeter - Liuhto, Kari: Cyp-Rus Investment Flows to Central and Eastern Europe (2/2003)
Pelto, Elina: Environmental Risk of the Increasing Oil Transportation in the Gulf of Finland (1/2003)

Information packages

The following information packages are meant to give advice for foreign investors. The packages are divided into two categories: Emerging markets in Europe and Russian economic areas.