Pan-European Institute

The Pan-European Institute (PEI), founded in 1987, observes the developments of the business environment. This is done by following the economies of the Baltic Sea region as well as the countries bordering the eastern border of the European Union.

PEI implements and coordinates research projects and commissioned research. Research projects have been funded by international organisations, Finnish ministries, the European Union and private enterprises interested in eastern markets. There are three main themes running through our research: 1) geo-economics and security, 2) trade policy and business policy dialogue and 3) competitiveness and development of international business.

PEI is part of the Department of Marketing and International Business at the Turku School of Economics. Within this framework, we provide teaching at the university level which is based on our research topics. 

PEI is also proactively involved in public discourse through various events, publications and reports. We aim to share our findings and perspectives with various enterprises, authorities and organisations in order to support their decision-making.  



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