Corporate Corner Collaboration Concept

Corporate Corner promotes academia-to-business collaboration and co-creation. We help academic and industrial researchers to create new ideas and products and solve existing problems within research and development. Corporate corner brings partners together to discuss, develop and co-invent within various fields of science. Through shared ideas and know-how, resources and infrastructures, Corporate Corner fuels new opportunities and supports societal well-being and economic growth.  

Connect to co-create!

Corporate Corner in a nutshell

  • Promotes academia-to-business collaboration and co-creation
  • Supports tech transfer activities at the universities
  • Enables sharing of novel ideas, know-how, resources and infrastructures
  • Provides valuable networking opportunities for students and researchers

Main elements

  • Introductory seminar on company activities and key research areas
  • 1:1 collaboration meetings between academic and industrial researchers

Optional additional features

  • Career opportunities session
  • Open discussions table
  • Exhibition area
  • Etc


  • 180–200 participants
  • Approx. 30 1:1 discussions
  • 5–10 continued co-creation projects.