Startups and Spinoffs

The University of Turku strengthens entrepreneurial attitudes and activities that support entrepreneurship in the entire community. University increases awareness of entrepreneurship and offers entrepreneurial education. Entrepreneurship and commercialising research have many different forms.

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Business from research: Comptek Solutions


Comptek Solutions was created from a New Business from Research Ideas project funded by the University of Turku and Business Finland (formerly Tekes). Competek Solutions offers technology that boosts the efficiency of compound semiconductor devices.


Business from research: Precordior


Growth company Precordior created at the University of Turku has developed an accurate mobile phone application for cardiac monitoring. Precordior was created from a New Business from Research Ideas project funded by the University of Turku and Business Finland (formerly Tekes).


Student startup: Entis

Entis, i.e. Entomophagy Solutions, was founded by students of the University of Turku and Humak University of Applied Sciences and it develops food products from Finnish insects. The company was founded on the Startup! course of the University of Turku and was awarded as the best NY Startup.


Student startup: Choose Your Future

Choose Your Future started as a project of marketing students from Turku School of Economics in the autumn of 2015. The goal of the company is to help people who move to a new city to find new opportunities. Choose Your Future has created the My Mobile Tutor app for new students in collaboration with the University.


Student startup: Democratize

Democratize is an application that improves democracy by offering citizens a channel for making an impact, information on decision-making, and an easier way to follow their representatives’ actions. Democratize began at the NY Startup course.

Democratize is now VoteOn.


Researcher spinoff: CTRL Reality

ctrlreality logo

CTRL Reality is a company specialised in the production of state-of-art mixed reality solutions and platforms. We improve our customers’ performance by developing applications for mixed reality headsets as well as for mobile devices. We are a proud UTU spinoff using research-proven methods and the latest technology.


Development company founded by students and alumni: Monttu Ventures

MonttuVentures logo

Monttu Ventures supports startups with a background in the universities in Turku. The focus of the company is startups where at least one of the founders is a student, alumni or staff member of a higher education institution in Turku. Monttu Ventures offers mentoring, contacts and expertise for new startups and can invest in the companies.


Transnational education from research: Eduten

Eduten is a startup founded by the University of Turku and its researchers for the commercialisation and internationalisation of a learning platform developed at the University. Eduten offers the ViLLE technology as a cloud service as well as training and consulting for the users.