Chinese Language Minor for CEAS students

Degree students of the Centre for East Asian Studies may pursue a minor in Chinese Language.

A maximum of 10 minor students will be admitted in total.

This quota also includes those new students who have obtained a sufficient result in the Chinese language entrance examination held in the summer and who have been admitted to another major at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Turku. These students must inform the office of the School of Languages and Translation Studies ( of their intention to minor in Chinese by 15th August 2023.

There is a separate quota for the degree students of the Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS): up to five applicants with the highest scores in the minor subject entrance examination can be admitted. The language of the examination for CEAS degree students is English. If the quota for CEAS degree students is not reached in the Autumn examination, a second call for CEAS degree students will be held in October.

The maximum number of students who can be admitted to the minor subject is therefore 5 minor students and 5 Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) degree students, i.e. 10 students.

The examination will be held on 22 August 2023 at 14.00 - 16.00 as a remote exam. Further information about the examination will be send to the candidates after the registration deadline.

The deadline for registration is 18 August 2023 at 12:00.

You can register for the examination via Webropol. As the Webropol form is only available in Finnish, do the following:

  • After opening the Webropol form, tick the box with the text "Kiinan kieli, 22.8.2023 klo 14.00 - 16.00. (Etäkoe)" 
  • Choose the option "Haen sivuaineoikeutta (perustutkintoa suorittavat)"
  • Click "Seuraava"
  • Fill in your personal information (given name, surname, e-mail and major (optional))
  • Click "Lähetä"

This academic year, undergraduate students will register for the minor subject entrance examination both via Webropol and via Peppi (use code CHIN1011). More information on Peppi registration (in Finnish).

If the quota is not reached, a second minor subject entrance examination will be held in November.

Those who successfully pass the August examination will be enrolled for the Autumn semester 2023, those who successfully pass the November examination will be enrolled for the Spring semester in January 2024.

There is no pre- examination material for the minor subject exam. The exam consists of three parts (maximum 50 points in total):

  1. a linguistic reasoning ability task (short answers in Finnish (CEAS degree students may answer in English)), max. 15 points.
  2. a reading material based task, max. (max. 20 points).
  3. a short essay (approx. one page) on study motivation in Finnish (CEAS degree students may write in English). The essay will be assessed on the relevance of the content, the consistency of the treatment of the topic and the command of the written expression, max. 15 points.

In order to be admitted, the candidate must obtain at least 25 marks in the minor subject entrance exam, with marks in each of the three parts of the exam.