Department of Chinese

Studying at the Department of Chinese at the University of Turku gives the student the necessary skills for language specialist professions and for international careers.

The Chinese major at the University of Turku emphasises the development of skills needed in the professional life, such as language skills required in specialist professions, familiarity with the Chinese society and culture, and an in-depth knowledge of communication. The degree programme is aimed at Finnish-speaking degree students. The programme familiarises the student with modern China and the phenomena related to the Chinese language, such as the language of the Internet, the spoken language, and the Chinese media.

Bachelors of Arts and Masters of Arts graduate from the Department of Chinese. The Bachelor's degree studies take approximately three years. The aim of the studies is to develop the student’s spoken and written proficiency in Chinese, to gain theoretical knowledge of the linguistic structures, and the Chinese culture and society. The teaching at the Department includes lectures, independent work and assignments either in class or in online learning environments. Students are also encouraged to include an internship in their studies.

The Chinese studies give the student the necessary skills for positions that require language expertise and for international careers. In Finland, mastering the still rare Chinese language gives a decisive advantage in professional life. By choosing suitable minor subjects, students can create a distinctive profile for professional life, in which diverse Chinese language and cultural skills are a key strength. At the multidisciplinary University of Turku, students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of minors across faculties and tailor their studies to fully meet their interests and plans for the future.

Usually, in the fourth year of studies, the students begin the Master’s programme, where the Chinese students can select the Language Specialist Degree Programme. The studies in the Master’s programme take approximately two years. The University has several international agreements with universities all around the world. At the Department of Chinese, studying abroad is strongly recommended both for the studies and students' internationalisation. An exchange placement at a Chinese university (People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) can be applied for through the University or, alternatively, the student can independently seek to obtain an exchange placement at the university of their choice.