Emerald Literati Award for Research Director Jari Kaivo-oja and research group


FFRC’s Research Director, Ph.D. Jari Kaivo-oja has won the Emerald Literati Award in August 2019 with Prof. Steffen Roth, Prof. Vladislav Valentinov and Prof. Leo Paul-Dana.

Their article “Multifunctional organisation models: A systems - theoretical framework for new venture discovery and creation” was published in the Journal of Organizational Change Management in November 2018.

This international research team is having a high-profile reputation. For example Professor Leo-Paul Dana is one of the most cited scientific authors (h-index 53, i-10 index 212) in the field of business research. The Emerald Literati Award is also a strong signal of high profile research for the Manufacturing 4.0 Research Consortium in which Jari Kaivo-oja is currently working on.

The full article is open for all readers during next six months: https://doi.org/10.1108/JOCM-05-2018-0113.


Created 15.08.2019 | Updated 15.08.2019