How to get to Turku & move around in the city

Here are some tips on how to get to Turku and information about the transport possibilites in the city.

Please follow the updates on Covid-19 instructions for border traffic on the FINENTRY web service.

How to get to Turku

By Air

There are several international flights arriving directly in Turku Airport. The airport is 8 kilometres from the city centre, which can be reached by taxi (approximately €20-25) or by local bus number 1 (3€). If your arrival time to Turku Airport is after the last bus and there is no taxi to be found, you can order one by using the service phone which is located near the exit on the arrivals level of the terminal.

It is also quite convenient to arrive in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There are long distance bus connections and a train connection leaving approximately every hour from the airport to Turku. The traveling time between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the Turku bus station is about two and a half hours.


By Bus

The national long distance bus service Matkahuolto departs from local bus stations all throughout Finland and also from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The final stop in Turku for long distance buses is at the Turku Bus Station (linja-autoasema) which is located at the city centre.

There may be a change of bus in Espoo during the trip from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Turku. The bus personnel will inform you about the change and your luggage will be transferred by the bus personnel.

Another possibility is to use the bus service Onnibus.

Both bus services have online offers on tickets. Usually you get the tickets cheaper if purchased in advance.


By Train

The national train company VR departs from the local railway stations all throughout Finland. There are two railway stations in Turku: The main railway station (rautatieasema) which is at the city centre at Ratapihankatu 37 and the Kupittaa railway station which is about 1.5 kilometres from the city centre and 0.5 kilometres from the university campus. Only the trains coming from the direction of Helsinki stop at Kupittaa.

There is a train connection from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Turku.

Usually you get the tickets cheaper if purchased in advance.


By Ferry

There are two cruise lines which have regular connections between Stockholm and Turku:

The Port of Turku (Turun Satama) is approximately two kilometres from the city centre and can be reached by local bus number 1.


Arrival during public holidays and weekends

You should avoid arriving during public holidays and weekends because the university, housing offices as well as most businesses and shops will be closed.

You should also be aware that the lease on student apartments always starts on the first weekday (never on a weekend day) of the month and you normally cannot get the keys for your apartment before that.  


COVID19 instructions - FINENTRY

The best way to enter Finland during the ongoing pandemic is to use prior to your arrival the FINENTRY web service that provides you with up-to-date and personalized instructions on how to act.

FINENTRY is a service that lets incoming travellers review travel instructions, book an appointment for a free coronavirus test in Finland already before the trip, and receive instructions for arriving at the test and test result by text message. Two negative test results will shorten the self-quarantine time, find more information here.

FINETRY will also let you know what is expected from you if you already have full series of coronavirus vaccines or you have a certificate stating that you have had coronavirus. Please see the FAQs here.

At the Helsinki airport, there will be also provided a test for passengers arriving to Finland without an appointment.

Getting around in Turku

Local Bus

Local bus connections are efficient and safe and it is an easy and economical way to get to your apartment or to the university campus area. The local bus network covers also the Turku airport, harbour, railway station and bus station with frequent connections.  

A single bus ticket costs 3€ and is valid for transfers on all local buses for up to two hours. Students can purchase discount bus passes from the local transportation office.

Local buses run approximately at 6.00 - 23.00. There are also few night connections. The ticket for the night time busses is 1€ more expensive.  

Please see the Turku Local Transport website for timetables and prices.

Föli's brochure for students 2021



Taxis are available at specific taxi waiting points (e.g. around the Market Square). You can also order a taxi by calling 02 10041. Depending on the length of the trip and time of the day, a taxi from e.g. the Market Square to the Student Village can cost around 8 - 10€ and a taxi from e.g. Turku Airport to the Student Village may cost around 20-25€.


A city bike-share system started in Turku on May 1st 2018. The system consists of bikes that are for public use and which can be picked up and dropped off at bike stations. It is also possible to leave the bike locked for a short time at a place other than a bike station—for example, when visiting a store.

The “Föli-fillarit” city bikes provide a quick and easy way of getting around the city centre and are meant mainly for short-term use. The bikes will be available all year round and in winter they are equipped with winter tyres.

The station network expands from Kupittaa along the city centre to the port of Turku and there is a bike station in the Skanssi area as well. More information here.