AWS & Disruption Lab breakfast: The people-factor in innovation and sustainability

AWS & Disruption Lab breakfast: The people-factor in innovation and sustainability

Disruption Lab, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, will be hosting a series of events at the University of Turku during the spring of 2024. In each event, we will begin with a brief introduction to a contemporary insight related to disruptions. Following this, we invite you to engage in discussions, share your thoughts, or simply absorb new ideas on the topic at hand.

The objective is to spark discussions among business organizations and researchers on intriguing topics related to the themes of our events, which are open to everyone (registration required).

The topics of the events are:

• 5.4. Culture of innovation – How are more sustainable futures created?
• 26.4. The people-factor in innovation and sustainability
• 17.5. Becoming a data-driven innovative organization – leveraging data for sustainability

The events will be held in Turku School of Economics in the K-Lounge. Please note, the event is held on-site and online participation is not possible.

Program of each event, please note the timetable is only an estimation:
8:15 Breakfast is served
8:30 The program starts
9:30 Onwards feel free to leave or continue discussions

On April 26th our chain of events continues with the topic The people-factor in innovation and sustainability.

Our simulation platform, NWoW, is designed to innovate and educate in an immersive landscape. By simulating real-world markets and business operations, we challenge students and employees to consider not just the economic aspects, but also the ecological and social impacts of their decisions. This approach encourages participants to envision and implement solutions that are sustainable across all three dimensions, emphasizing the importance of economic viability as the foundation for pursuing broader sustainability goals.

In our quest to enhance scalability and performance, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services, migrating our operations to their cloud infrastructure. AWS's robust services and platforms provide us with the flexibility and capacity to grow and adapt our offerings, ensuring that we can continue to facilitate meaningful learning experiences at scale. This partnership allows us to leverage cutting-edge technology to make our simulation platform more accessible and effective, empowering players to explore and innovate for a sustainable tomorrow.

Through this collaboration and the capabilities of our platform, we aim to educate the new generation of professionals and give them the tools to make more informed and responsible choices. By highlighting the people factor in innovation, we underscore the critical role that individual and collective action plays in driving sustainable change, preparing participants to lead in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Please register for the second event by 21st April at latest so we know to reserve enough breakfast. Please register separately for the events.

If you are unable to attend the event despite having registered, kindly inform us at

Feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues!

We hope to see you at the event at TSE and welcome you to join us to share your thoughts about contemporary insights!

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