We study sociotechnical changes that are broad, powerful and impactful – in other words, disruptive. Our goal is to create knowledge, strategies and practices to identify and manage disruptive transformations. Through research collaboration we aim to understand the characteristics and drivers of such transformations. We study the interfaces of the following phenomena:

  • Enabling novel technologies,
  • Sustainability and
  • Culture & mindset

Disruption Lab

Through conceptual and empirical research, we advance the creation of new academic knowledge and the application of new practices. Our approach builds on collaboration and interdisciplinarity, as understanding complex transformations requires a combination of several perspectives and research methods.
Therefore, we develop and utilise the following methods and practices:

  • Developing capabilities and prerequisites for driving change
  • Identification and landscaping of possible futures
  • Advancing creativity and innovativeness

With our research we aim to influence and achieve positive impacts. We welcome collaboration with all individuals and organisations in order to find new ways to understand, engage and drive disruptions!

The research group is led by D.Sc. (Econ) Taina Eriksson. See below for information on other members of the group.