EC2U: Career Talk 27.3.2023


27.3.2023 at 19.00 - 20.00
Are you interested in working from different locations independently? Join EC2U Career Talk webinar to learn about location independent career!

Alumnus of the University of Turku, currently living in South of France, Mikko works as an entrepreneur and is the owner and the Chairman of the Board of Digibalance Group. He works with online accounting making bookkeeping easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

During Career Talk, Mikko shares his experiences of working location independently and being some ways a digital nomad. He will share what things surprised him when moving to another European country, what career opportunities it might have opened up for him, pros and cons working remotely/being a digital nomad and what things should be taken into account before doing this.

The webinar is hosted by the University of Turku as the first part of the Career Talk series organized by the European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U). In the Career Talk series, you will meet alumni from each of the seven EC2U universities and learn from their career paths and work from different perspectives. You can also ask questions from alumni.

Time & place:
Monday, 27 March 2023 at 17:00-17:45 in Coimbra, at 18:00-18:45 in Jena, Pavia, Poitiers, Salamanca and at 19:00-19:45 in Ia?i and Turku.

The webinar is held in English on Zoom and is open to all students, young researchers and others from the seven EC2U Universities – bringing Coimbra, Ia?i, Jena, Pavia, Poitiers, Salamanca, and Turku togehter on one European Campus.

Register for the webinar on Sunday, March 26th at the latest. After registration you will receive a Zoom link by email on March 27th before the webinar starts.

EC2U Career Plan Certificate:
This activity is eligible as “Input event” for your EC2U Career Plan Certificate. The Career Plan Certificate is a joint programme of the Career Services from the seven EC2U universities. It helps students to prepare for successful and fulfilling careers. They gain transdisciplinary, intercultural, and intrapersonal skills by different learning offers, required activities, and reflection tasks. After completing all requirements individually, students receive their personal Career Plan Certificate.

More information:
Planning Officer at the University of Turku Career Services (Rekry): Fanny Kurppa,