UTU100 Carnival Features Laser Light Show and Blasts from the Past Decades


On Thursday, 27 February, the University of Turku invites staff and students, citizens of Turku, and visitors to celebrate the University’s 100th anniversary. The UTU100 Carnival starts at the square between the Old Academy Building and Turku Cathedral at 6pm, from where the participants continue in a torchlight procession towards the University Hill.

This Thursday, the University of Turku organises an open outdoors event for everyone to celebrate its one hundred years of history. The event features blasts from the University’s past, large led balls, a laser light show with music, and other programme.

– The UTU100 Carnival is an hour-long open air event held at the University Hill and it will be a great experience for everyone. The overarching theme of the Carnival is light, which is featured from the torch light procession to the laser show that tops off the event, says Professor Riitta Pyykkö who is the chair of the steering group for the anniversary year.

Candles and torches will be distributed to the participants at the square next to the Old Academy Building at 6pm.

– We hope that as many people as possible of all ages – students, staff, residents and visitors to Turku – will come and celebrate with us.

The torch light procession will walk to the University along the Koskenniemikatu street. During the procession, the new lighting of the Koskenniemenkatu and University Hill will be lit. Participants will also be showcased scenes from different decades of the University's history and entertained by men's quartet Kosteat Kosijat.

Chocolate Coins and Unique Overall Patches

Videos and photos from different decades will be projected on the walls as the procession moves towards the University Hill. Anniversary chocolate coins, hot chocolate, and Tiedemakasiini magazines will be distributed at the University Hill. Students arriving to the event wearing overalls will receive unique anniversary overall patches.

Rector of the University Jukka Kola will welcome the guests and the second speech is given by Vice Rector Pia Björn.

The event will be topped off by an impressive laser light show with music.

  • The UTU100 Carnival of the University of Turku on 27 February starts at 6pm at the the square between the Old Academy Building and Turku Cathedral (Rothoviuksenkatu). There is a short walk to the University Hill along Koskenniemenkatu. The accessible route to the University Hill is along Vesilinnantie street to the car park behind Agora and from there to the square. At the University Hill, the Carnival is topped off by an impressive laser light show. The event will be photographed and videoed and the material can be used in the University’s communications and marketing. The event is open for all and free of charge.
Arriving to the event and parking

The celebration starts at the square between the Old Academy Building and Turku Cathedral at 6.00pm. The road between Rothoviuksenkatu and Henrikinkatu streets will be closed to traffic during the event.

Participants are invited to proceed from the Old Academy Building to the University Hill in a procession along the Koskenniemenkatu street.

The route of the procession includes stairs and is not accessible e.g. with a wheelchair. We are reserving parking spaces at Vesilinnantie 5 for those who need an accessible route to the University Hill. Other traffic will be directed to the Vatselankatu car park via Rehtoripellonkatu.

You cannot access the University Hill directly or get near the Old Academy Building by car. The parking spaces of the University’s personnel along Vatselankatu are reserved for the participants of the UTU100 Carnival and are free of charge.

Created 24.02.2020 | Updated 28.02.2020