AWS & Disruption Lab breakfast: Generative AI


This fall, the Disruption Lab, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), host a series of networking events for researchers at the University of Turku. Each of the three events covers a topical theme namely generative AI, sustainable business, and data-driven business. 

The first event, on September 29th,  discussed generative AI from two perspectives. First, the Disruption Lab director Taina Eriksson presented insights on Generative AI as a research topic;  then  AWS´s experts Maria Rantalaiho and Jarkko Elo showcased how to utilize it in research. Generative AI has gained prominence across diverse research fields due to its ability to understand and generate natural language text. AI models are trained on vast datasets and can be also tailored for specific tasks.

From the perspective of Generative AI as a research topic, its impacts share similarities with earlier novel technologies. Their potentially disruptive power lies i.a. in simplifying previously complex technologies and offering a unique approach to creating value for users. However, generative AI's unique impacts on industries, including adaptability to the new business environment, requirements to foster life-long learning, and develop complex problem-solving capacities, distinguish it from previous technological transformations. Generative AI impacts broadly societal and ethical norms, skills and employment, and entire industries. A noteworthy perspective to bear in mind when discussing technologies, including generative AI, is the social shaping of technology approach; it emphasizes that technology isn't predetermined but instead technology and society mutually shape each other. 

The applications of generative AI are multifaceted, encompassing the enhancement of customer experiences, the increase of employee productivity, and improvement of business operations. Practical implementations include a range of functions, including the deployment of chatbots and virtual assistants, text summarization, content locations or text, image, and video generation, document processing, and content moderation. Amazon Web Services provides a streamlined approach for developing and scaling generative AI applications using foundation models (FMs) through an API. This allows users the flexibility to choose from a variety of FMs tailored to their specific use case.

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The next event will feature sustainable businesses approaches and will take place 27.10.

AWS & Disruption Lab breakfast – Sustainable business (

Join us also for data-driven business on 1.12.

AWS & Disruption Lab breakfast – Data-driven business (

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