Border and Migration Studies Online – Database for Border- and Migration Studies


The versatile resources of Border and Migration Studies Online Database helps you in studying border and migration issues from many different perspectives. Worldwide the border areas have throughout history been subject to disputes, criminology, human trafficking and illegal migration. The European migrant crisis in 2014-2015 hit Europe and the European Union hard.

The database consists of over thirty border areas of the world. Study for example The United States and Mexico; Iraq and Syria or The European Union border area issues from different discipline area perspectives, such as history, diplomacy and politics but also those of anthropology, law, medicine, sociology and arts.

The resources in the database consist of books, journal articles, videos and web pages and besides these, also interesting primary sources such as minutes, notes, letters, photos and maps. You can browse the resources by archival collections, areas, themes, disciplines, subjects and for example by person or place.  

The database can be found in the Volter-database.

Created 07.01.2021 | Updated 07.01.2021