Business Finland funds ECOCRIN project to reform cultural and innovation policies


The ECOCRIN project produces and combines new perspectives, knowledge and models aimed at revitalising innovation and cultural policies that unleash the potential of creative sectors in Finland. 

ECOCRIN addresses how policies could support the ‘unleashing’ of the potential of creative sectors for innovation, growth and internationalisation. Policy profiling of recent national and regional policies supporting private ecosystem actors will be completed. The policy analysis results give a national level understanding on how well the present priorities in cultural and innovation policies are aligned together and identify how well they recognise and capture the needs of the ecosystem actors. 

Consequently, the policy analysis highlights the most essential topics to pay attention to in modelling an ecological approach to innovation policy for creative sectors. The project will carry out a Roadmap for implementing the co-created model.

The study focuses on Turku (Paimio), Pori and Kuhmo regions

The ECOCRIN project looks beyond the individual actors and pure economic value, focusing on generating grassroots knowledge on the needs of creative ecosystems.

- The systematic policy innovation – an ecological approach to innovation policy for creative sectors – will be created, modelled and piloted in a real-world context in close interaction with creative ecosystems and related actors, as well as with policy makers and stakeholders in three regions Turku, Pori and Kuhmo, tells PI Jarna Heinonen from the University of Turku.

ECOCRIN is a two-year research project, led by Prof. Jarna Heinonen, with experienced scholars from the Turku School of Economics: Pekka Stenholm, Tommi Pulkkinen, Kaisa Hytönen, Katriina Siivonen, Pauliina Latvala-Harvilahti, Amos Taylor and Arja Lemmetyinen from the Pori Campus.

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Senior Researcher, adjunct prof.
Finland Futures Research Centre 
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Created 15.11.2023 | Updated 21.11.2023