Data Management Plan (DMP) after Research Council of Finland’s positive funding decision


After a positive funding decision in Research Council of Finland Winter Call 2024, the responsible researcher submits a Data Management Plan (DMP) to the Research Council of Finland. University and the site of research commit to it.

DMP is a prerequisite for receiving the Research Council of Finland funding. It should be submitted a maximum of eight (8) weeks after receiving the positive decision. Applicant submits the DMP in the SARA online service as he/she approves the funding and the site of research commits to the contents of it. The funds will only be paid after the applicant and the representative of the site of research have approved the funding to be received.

The UTU process after a funding decision

Research Council of Finland recommends using the DMPTuuli tool to draft the data management plan. The responsible Head of Project (i.e. researcher) sends the first version of DMP to research service support team at for comments no later than 30 June. Data specialists will comment the DMP and assist the researcher in writing it if needed.

It is recommended that the responsible head of project also sends the DMP to the site of research (usually the head of department/director) in good time before the deadline, so the site of research can commit to the contents of the DMP.

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Created 13.06.2024 | Updated 17.06.2024