Doctoral candidate positions


Call for applications for a Doctoral candidate positions at the University of Turkuy graduate school Doctoral Programme in Law end 30 September.

​The Doctoral Programme in Law invites applications for six University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS)-funded doctoral training positions. A UTUGS-funded position may begin on 1 January 2014 at the earliest, and the positions are fulfilled for a maximum of four years.

UTUGS doctoral training positions are primarily intended for full-time doctoral dissertation research with the aim of completing the doctoral degree in four years.  The duties also involve teaching at most 5% (80 h) of the annual working time of the doctoral candidate and other supportive and administrative tasks. The 5 % rule does not apply to such teaching given by the doctoral candidate which can be imbedded in the doctoral degree as ECTS. Duties assigned to a doctoral candidate employed on a UTUGS-funded training position other than those related to doctoral dissertation research must not compromise the full-time doctoral dissertation research.


Created 04.09.2013 | Updated 04.09.2013