ECCO II Complements the Material Contents of the Eighteenth Century Collections Online Database


The material contents of the Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) database have expanded, as the library also acquired the so-called ECCO II section. The database provides diverse source material for the 18th century research not only in languages, literature and history but also in other disciplines.

Eighteenth Century Collections Online has digitized literary material in English and in some other languages printed between 1701 and 1800, mainly in England but also in Scotland, Ireland and the United States.  Some material printed elsewhere is included as well. The ECCO II section completes the contents of the database into more than 180,000 titles. The database is fully text-searchable.

The materials in the database document both the public life of the 18th century and the life of the common people. The collection includes a multi-volume encyclopedia, dictionaries and law books, histories, poetry, novels and plays, biographies, works of science, philosophy and theology, religious books and sermons, royal, government or local proclamations, acts of parliament, petitions, letters, diaries and journals, almanacks, auction catalogues and schoolbooks, sheet music and works on art and architecture.

Many of the books printed in the eighteenth century were already authored in the seventeenth century or well before, such as works by Horace, Cicero and William Shakespeare (497 editions).

The ECCO II supplement also allows a simultaneous search in the other Gale Primary Sources databases. Features that support search, among other things, have been added and download and email features have been developed.

ECCO database can be found on Volter and on the Databases A-Z list.

Presentation of ECCO on the publisher’s website.

Created 24.11.2021 | Updated 24.11.2021