Emilia Isolauri to the Foundation for Economic Education: How to prevent money laundering in international business?


Emilia Isolauri

Doctoral researcher Emilia Isolauri writes about her work in the Foundation for Economic Education blog (in Finnish): https://www.lsr.fi/blog/miten-estaa-rahanpesua-kansainvalisessa-liiketoiminnassa/

According to the United Nations, about 2-5 % of global gross domestic product is laundered annually. New money laundering cases come up continuously and the topic is also frequently visible in the media. My thesis aims to find out how the wicked problem of money laundering could be mitigated more efficiently in the future. Based on the ongoing research, it is clear that both legal and ethics-based actions are necessary in terms of preventing international money laundering.

Rahanpesun kansainväliset ulottuvuudet

Created 16.01.2023 | Updated 16.01.2023