Faleh Abushahba Wins Nordic Hatton Award


Doctoral Candidate Faleh Abushahba from the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences (FINDOS-Turku) won the NOF Nordic Hatton Award competition. The competition was organised in Madrid 19–20 September as a part of the CED-IADR/NOF conference on oral sciences.

Abushahba won the competition with his study Air-abrasion with bioactive glass eradicates S. mutans biofilm from sandblasted and acid etched titanium surface (Faleh Abushahba, Eva Söderling, Laura Aalto-Setälä, Leena Hupa, Timo O. Närhi).

The international Hatton Award is a highly respected science award, and after winning the Nordic prise, Abushahba will be competing for the main award in March 2020 in the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) world conference organised in Washington, USA. 

In the Hatton Award competition, the participants present their research results and a poster to the judges. The winner receives a stipend and automatic admission and expenses for travel and accommodation to attend the international Hatton Award Competition to be held at the IADR meeting. As a result of his victory, Faleh Abushahba will be representing the Nordic and Baltic countries in the final competition. 

Created 27.09.2019 | Updated 27.09.2019