Fixed-Term Doctoral Student in Law for the period of February 1, 2013 to January 31, 2017


​The Faculty of Law is a modern Finnish research and education community, playing a major role in its field. It is committed to aca-demic learning and research-based education.

There are 75 employees and over 1300 students at the Faculty. In its roles as a seat of learning, a research community and a work-place, the Faculty of Law aims to be inspiring and inviting. The standing of the Faculty as a top-level expert organization is fun-damentally based on a skilful and happy workforce. 

Research is central to the functioning of the Faculty, as it is the factor creating the conditions for education and societal impact. Connection to scientific research is also the starting point of all ed-ucation – from undergraduate studies onwards. The main research fields of the Faculty of Law are constitutionalism, fundamental and human rights, and legal research on economic changes. The posi-tion of Doctoral Student in Law is not bound to subjects or subject groups. This application round covers all branches of law.

The main responsibility of a Doctoral Student is to conduct re-search and postgraduate studies aiming at the doctoral dissertation. In addition, a Doctoral Student’s responsibilities include teaching (at most 5 %/annual working hours) and other supportive tasks, such as educational planning and administrative tasks. The topic of the doctoral dissertation and these other tasks do not necessarily fall into the same subject.

According to the University of Turku Rules of Procedure, a person selected for the position of Doctoral Student is required to have a Master’s degree and an accepted research plan. In addition, the person is required to have shown, when acquiring their degree or otherwise, the ability and motivation for post-graduate studies and the completion of a doctoral degree in accordance with their re-search plan.

To be selected for the position of Doctoral Student, the applicant is required to have been accepted as a postgraduate student in Law.
The salary is in accordance with the University salary system for teaching and research personnel, levels 1-4, where the position-specific salary component is 1 767,97-2 432,20 euros per month. In addition, there is a component based on personal performance, which is at most 46.3 % of the position-specific salary.

The applications can be written in Finnish or in English, and they should include

1) a free-form application
2) resume in accordance with the guidelines of the Faculty of Law:
3) an academic portfolio in accordance with the guidelines of the University of Turku:
4) a list of publications in accordance with the guidelines of the Faculty of Law:
5) an accepted research plan for a doctoral dissertation in ac-cordance with the guidelines of the Faculty of Law:
6) other documents that may affect the decision-making. 

For further information, please contact Head of Ad-ministration Mia Fager, tel. +358 2 333 5500, fax +358 2 333 6570 or e-mail mia.fager(at)

Applications should be addressed to the faculty. 

Please submit your application to the Faculty of Law at the University of Turku by January 11th, 2013, at 15.45 at the latest. The postal address is Caloniankuja 3, 20500 Turku. You can also send your application by e-mail to mia.fager(at) Applications will not be returned.

Created 19.12.2012 | Updated 19.12.2012