Futuuri 2/2023: Special Conference Issue on Empowering Futures


23rd Futures Conference focused on the wide variety of ways we see futures and how futures studies can empower people, societies, and organisations for creating more just and sustainable futures. ‘Empowering Futures – Long-term Governance, Democracy and Futures Research’ conference was organised during 14–15 June in Turku, Finland and on 16 June 2023 online.

This special issue of Futuuri includes articles giving insight to the keynote speakers based on their speeches as well as introduces some of the sessions organised during the event.

In this issue Futuuri 2/2023:

  • Futures researchers empowering futures 
  • Keynote Speech: Democratic Myopia and Future Regarding Governance
  • Keynote Speech: Future Possibilities for Relations between Humankind and Nature Need to be Articulated in New and More Affirmative Ways 
  • Futures Workshop: Futures for New Normative Policies: Backcasting, Pluralism and Deliberative Democracy 
  • Futures Workshop: Performing Postnormal Times – Experiences from the Postnormal Times Simulation Workshops
  • Keynote Speech: An Ode to Intergenerational Dialogue – Transetarian Revolution Transforms the Meaning of Age and Generations 
  • Special Session: Government Foresight: Creating Future Oriented Structures of Decision Making
  • Futures Workshop: Post-pandemic Futures of Work
  • Futures Workshop: The Art of Listening 
  • Futures Workshop: Poster Session 
  • Special Millennium Project Session: Flourishing Urban Futures to Overcome Polycrisis – Roadmap for Resilience 2050 
  • Keynote Speech: How Can We Make the Virtual Worlds Right? 
  • Pentti Malaska Futures Award to TM System Finland Ltd
  • Welcome to Futures Conference 2024: Futures of Natural Resources
  • Latest FFRC publications and other news


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Created 01.11.2023 | Updated 01.11.2023