Futuuri Newsletter 3/2019 Sums up the Futures Conference 2019


Futures Conference 2019 focused on the concept of agency in action and research for futures. ‘Constructing Futures – Sustainability, Responsibility and Power’ was organized on 12–13 June in Logomo, Turku. Together with 280 participants from 29 different countries we succeeded to generate multidisciplinary, stimulating and critical discussions that promoted networking between people interested in futures issues from different backgrounds.

This special issue of the FFRC's newsletter Futuuri is a summary of the keynotes and some of the sessions organized during the event. We hope that those of you who joined the conference enjoyed your days in Turku.

The next theme for the Futures Conference will be 'Learning Futures – Futures of Learning'. You can find more information as well as the Call for Papers in this Futuuri issue on page 11. We hope to see you all in June 2020 in Helsinki, Finland!

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Futuuri 3/2019:

  • Futures researchers constructing social futures
  • Post-humanist social futures?
  • Ivana Milojević – Power for, against, with and within
  • Ullrich Kockel – Heritage futures
  • Immersive futuring: Ghost forests in 2075
  • Pentti Malaska Futures Award to Solar Foods producing food from air and electricity
  • Finland Futures Academy's summer school 2019: AI and social futures
  • Opening alternatives for national foresight
  • Keri Facer – All our futures? Climate change, democracy and missing public spaces
  • Ted Fuller –  Responsible futures, in theory
  • Welcome to the Futures Conference 2020 'Learning Futures – Futures of Learning', 10−12 June 2020, Helsinki, Finland. 

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