G. Rozenberg Natural Computing 2023 Award to Professor Jarkko Kari


Professor of mathematics Jarkko Kari was awarded for his outstanding contributions to cellular automata.


Hanna Oksanen

The 2023 "G. Rozenberg Natural Computing Award" is presented to Professor Jarkko Kari in recognition of his outstanding contributions to cellular automata and, more generally, to the theory of dynamical systems. He is also a research leader in the theory of tilings, and his applications of tilings to cellular automata are truly masterful.

Contributions by Professor Jarkko Kari significantly influenced the development of cellular automata.

The "G. Rozenberg Natural Computing” annual award recocgnises outstanding achievements in the field of Natural Computing. The award was presented to Prof. Jarkko Kari during the 20th International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation in March 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Jarkko Kari is an awarded researcher, who has been working as a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Turku since 2000. His work has been recocgnised with previous science awards, for example the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters Väisälä Award in 2006 and The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters Award in 2021.

Created 20.03.2023 | Updated 20.03.2023