Günter Frankenberg visited the Faculty of Law


Günter Frankenberg, Chair Professor of Public Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/Main) visited the Faculty of Law on December 13th and 14th.

Günter Frankenberg is the author of numerous books and articles on comparative constitutional law, legal philosophy and social justice including
• Staatstechnik (2010)
• Grundgesetz (2004)
• Torture and Taboo (AmJCL 54, 101)
• Stranger Than Paradise (ULR 1997, 1)
The Faculty, the Academy Research Project How to Rule, and the Constituting Control project hosting professor Frankenberg presented the following program:
Thursday 13 December 2012
9.30–11.30 A (Legal) Critique of Political Technology
Place: Calonia 2
A public lecture by Günter Frankenberg
The talk offers a critical analysis of a style of governance characterized by an engineering mentality and four variations/paradigms of method (Machiavellian, Hobbesian, Lockean, Foucaultian), each with a tactical relationship to law-rule/democracy, illustrated through the Euro-savings policy
12 –13.30 Lunch Break
14–17 Constituting Control Workshop
Place: seminar room 6, Calonia 3rd floor
15.30 Coffee Break
Friday 14 December 2012
9.30–11.30 Graduate Research Meeting with Günter Frankenberg
Place: seminar room 6, Calonia 3rd floor
12–13.30 Lunch Discussion
Contact/Workshop attendance: outi.korhonen@utu.fi or juha.lavapuro@utu.fi
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