Highlights of WORK2023 conference Digital Capitalism: Peril and Possibilities


WORK2023 conference was organised on 23-25 August onsite at the University of Turku and online at the Oxford Abstracts conference platform. All together over 200 scholars over 30 countries participated in the conference. 

The theme of the WORK2023 conference, Digital Capitalism: Peril and Possibilities, characterizes the complexity and increasing interdependence of activities that weave work and economy tighter together in value creation. The theme was explored with over 130 presentations by prominent keynote speakers, invited speakers and researchers from different fields. 

Please read more on the conference on conference highlights published on WORK2023 website. 

Also, the abstract book of WORK2023 has been published with open access. 

The next WORK conference will be organised in 2025. More information on this will be shared in 2024. 

Created 11.10.2023 | Updated 11.10.2023