History, Culture and Arts Studies Library Collections Will Move to Arcanum Library in Early 2023


In the beginning of the year 2023, history, culture and arts studies library collections will be transferred from Teutori Library to Arcanum Library. The timelines for the move will be refined in January, but the materials to be moved will be out of service during January-February. The opening date for Arcanum Library will be announced at a later date. The move will also affect the facilities of Teutori Library, as the second floor of the library will be closed for the duration of the move. The medical materials and library services remain intact in Teutori. 

“If you know that you need the library material in history, culture and arts studies in the beginning of the year, they are best to borrow in advance,” says Antti Peltonen, Head of Library Services. 

Impacts of the move on the use of the Teutori Library 

  • General collections of history, culture and arts studies are out of use in January-February for about six weeks. After that, the materials will be available at Arcanum Library. There will be time to borrow books from 9 January 2023 when the Library opens from Christmas break.   
  • There will be about a week's break in borrow course books in history, culture and arts studies in February and they are available for loan again at Arcanum Library after it opens. 
  • The second floor of Teutori Library will be closed for the duration of the move, leaving the study rooms and meeting rooms out of use.  
  • The change will cause noise and through-traffic to the open first floor of Teutori Library. 
  • In the final stages of the move, Teutori Library will be closed for a few days. 

Teutori Library is open and medicine collections available during the move except for a few days.  

Language collections remain intact and are available in Feeniks Library.   

We will provide more details about the timelines for the move in early January. 

Created 17.11.2022 | Updated 18.11.2022