Jukka Kola Began His Term as Rector: “Everything Is Built on Trust”


Jukka Kola began his five-year term as the Rector of the University of Turku on 1 August 2019. Having learnt more about the University of Turku’s organisation and people since April, Kola is enthusiastically looking forward to the new academic year, his first leading the University of Turku.

Jukka Kola rehtori

– I’m looking forward to continuing working and developing practices, perhaps even new ones. Learning more about the University has been highly interesting, and my enthusiasm has grown further since the beginning of my new post. The basis of operations can be very solid – which is mostly the case – and yet there’s always room for improvements. The spirit of collaboration at the University of Turku is already good, but I’m sure it’s possible to build even more open and genuine collaboration. Everything is built on trust in us being a community that pulls together, says Rector Kola.

Kola has led the University of Turku’s ongoing strategic planning since spring. He believes that with even closer internal and also external collaboration, the University of Turku will have an even stronger impact and be a more attractive partner in collaboration. High-quality operations are the foundation for everything, and they enable productivity.

– When a unit is strong enough, it’s more extensively attractive as a partner. It’s also essential that we contribute proactively to what is happening in society, and this can be achieved with co-operation.

Everyday duties concerning managing the University are already well under way. In August, one of the most pleasant activities is meeting new students during the traditional Rector’s greet.

– One of the fine aspects of the University is that our community is joined by a few thousand new members every autumn. New students, as well as new employees, keep our community alert and fresh by bringing new thoughts and different kinds of views. I’m delighted to get to tell the new students about the University and hear how they have ended up studying here. I’m also intending to promote the University’s centenary next year: the celebration is also an opportunity for the University to think about the future and how to proceed, says Kola.

Jukka Kola believes that the beginning of the new academic year in all universities is more pleasant than in the past few years.

– It’s clear that the Government’s decision on additional funding affects the general mood. I hope and I believe that it’ll also influence our thoughts about the future. Either way, this is a change for the better.

Text: Taru Suhonen
Photo: Heikki Kettunen
Translation: Aura Jaakkola

Created 08.08.2019 | Updated 14.08.2019