Language Course Offers an Experience of the Finnish Way of Life


The University of Turku teaches the basics of the Finnish language and culture to new Erasmus exchange students. Besides learning the ABCs, the students get to participate to city tours and see the archipelago.

​This year’s Erasmus Intensive Language Course began at the University of Turku on August 1st. Three dozen students from fifteen different countries arrived to Turku to participate in intensive language course. After the course, the exchange students will continue to different Finnish universities and start their studies.

The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the basic knowledge of the Finnish language and culture. Attending exchange students are not expected to have any prior knowledge of the Finnish language, so the course starts with the very basics: the Finnish alphabet.

The course aims to integrate the exchange students into Finland and the Finnish way of life. The students get the ability to use the language in everyday situations and they will be acquainted with Finnish customs and traditions. Instead of focusing on grammar, the course puts higher emphasis on communication and interaction. The students get to speak Finnish from the very first lesson.

The course has received a lot of positive feedback from students, because it isn´t just about learning the language, but also about learning to cope in day-to-day situations. The course also offers Finnish experiences and all teaching doesn´t happen in the class room. The course includes tours of the city and its sights, lunches, picnics, evening gatherings and a boat trip to the beautiful archipelago.

Despite the positive feedback, the university is now organizing the course for the second last time, due to the ending of the EU-funding.

Katri Koskinen
Created 10.12.2012 | Updated 07.06.2018