Multidisciplinary Research on Health Promoting Probiotics


Functional Foods Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary by organizing an international symposium, FFF Probiotics 2012. More than 80 participants took actively part into discussion on probiotics, prebiotics and health during the symposium, which was held in Turku, Finland, on 11–13 June 2012.

​According to the WHO Probiotic organisms are live microorganisms that have a health benefit on the host organism when given in an appropriate dose. FFF´s multidisciplinary research program has involved various topics, for example uncovering new probiotics and prebiotics for specific uses, and assessing the safety and tolerance and participation in clinical intervention studies focusing on probiotic and prebiotic health effects and terminology of probiotiotic and prebiotics in several languages.

Currently FFF collaborates over the different areas of science from languages to economics and basic microbiology and nutrition to pediatrics.

- This symposium was organized to highlight some of the areas where research has progressed during the past 10 years and to establish a basis for future work. Ten years is not a long time, but through the keen collaboration and diligent work of the staff members of FFF the institute has reached an internationally recognized status, Director of FFF, Professor Seppo Salminen says.

The FFF Probiotics 2012 Supplement has now been published

The supplement, Proceedings of the FFF Probiotics 2012 meeting in Turku, is published in an open access journal Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease. The supplement contains articles and abstracts from several experts and researchers, including the keynote speakers of the symposium. The articles cover the themes of the symposium, e.g. stability of probiotics in industrial processes, viability of probiotics, probiotics and gut health, health claim substantiation and nutrition economics.

The supplement is available online:

The supplement is published Open Access and under a Creative Commons License.


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