New Guide on Research Data Management for Students


Research data management guide for students covers the entire process of research, from planning to completing a thesis. The guide offers examples on different types of research data, and it explains how to ensure the quality and safety of the data at each phase of the research.

When writing a thesis, students learn an important research skill: research data management. The more carefully students take care of their research materials or data, the better the quality of the data will be and the easier the thesis writing process might be.  

Before conducting research, it is good to consider e.g. the possible research permits and consents that are needed, and the instruments that are used to collect the research material. During the research process, a part of good data management practices is to store the data in a secure storage space, using logical file and folder names. The practices after the research project – long term preserving or deleting of the data - are also important to take care of.

The new Research data management guide gives guidance not just for students, but also for thesis supervisors. It is the newest addition to the collection of guides for Researchers by the University Library.


Created 26.01.2021 | Updated 26.01.2021