Problems with access to e-resources (updated)


At the moment, some e-resources are not accessible through the Volter database. The problem has been located but solving it will require some time.


In the meantime, many ebooks will however still be available, if you go to the ebook provider's hompage and search for them there. Here are the instructions:

1) Look up the book in the Volter database. Check the service provider through which the book is available (e.g. the text of the link to the actual book contains the name of the service provider).

2) Go to the library's ebook guide (link: Unfortunately the guide is only available in Finnish at the moment, but you only need to find the tab with the name of the service provider. On that page, you will find a link to the service provider's homepage.

3) On the service provider's homepage, enter the name of the book in the search window. Once you've found the book, it should be working normally.

We are sorry for the detour and regret any inconveniences this may cause you. We are working on fixing the problem as soon as possible.

Created 06.07.2020 | Updated 06.07.2020