Professor Fazal Rizvi started as a visiting professor at CELE for 2019-2020: An opening lecture on Internationalisation of Higher Education


While the policy discourses of internationalisation of higher education at systematic level are relatively recent, there is nothing new about its practices. Internationally acclaimed professor Fazal Rizvi started his two year term (2019-2020) as a visiting professor at the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education, and spoke about neoliberal rationality and the internationalization of higher education on his opening lecture. 

According to professor Rizvi attempts to share and exchange knowledge across cultural and national borders go back to the very origins of attempts to organise higher learning in formal settings.

– The current approach to internationalisation is dominated by the considerations of trade and revenue generation, and now defines the value of international experiences and exchange in consumerist terms, Rizvi says. 

He bases his analysis on the illustrative case of Australian higher education, where the shift from ‘colonial’, ‘developmentalist’ and ‘public diplomacy’ logics to a new market-oriented logic has been most decisive. 

Fazal Rizvi is a Professor in Global Studies in Education at the University of Melbourne and an Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While Professor Rizvi’s academic background is in Philosophy, it is in the areas of education, public policy and global studies that most of his research and teaching over two past decades is located. He has written extensively in a number of academic areas, including racism and multicultural education, models of educational policy research, theories of globalisation and international education, Australia-Asia relations and contemporary youth cultures. 

His books include: Encountering Education in the Global: Selected Works of Fazal Rizvi (Routledge 2014) and Globalizing Education Policy (Routledge 2010), More recently, he has co-authod: Class Choreographies: Elite Schools and Globalization (Palgrave 2017). In 2016, and co-edited a volume on Transnational Perspectives on Human Rights, Democracy and Citizenship Education (Bloomsbury 2019).

Professor Fazal Rizvi
Created 16.05.2019 | Updated 16.05.2019