Teutori Library Completely Closed 14.-20.2.2023 - The Course Books of History, Culture and Art Studies Move to Arcanum Library


The course books of history, culture and art studies will be transferred from Teutori Library to the new Arcanum Library in the final phase of the move. Teutori Library will be closed completely for the duration of the move from 14 to 20 February 2023. Arcanum Library opens in March 2023.

Impacts of the move on the materials of history, culture and art studies 

  • The course books on history, culture and art studies are out of use from 14 February 2023 onwards. They will be available again in Arcanum Library once it opens in March.  
  • The general material of history, culture and art studies has been out of use since 16 January 2023. The material will be available again at Arcanum Library as it opens in March.   
  • Material reservations for historical, cultural and art studies can be collected from Arcanum Library as it opens.  
  • During and after the moves, the material of history, culture and art studies can be returned to all libraries in the Turku University campus area normally.  
  • The digital archive access points and the Radio and Television Archive access point located in Teutori library are disabled from 16 January 2023. They will be transferred to Arcanum Library and will be available again as the library opens.  
  • Language collections remain intact and are available in Feeniks Library.    

Impacts of the move on the premises, opening hours and medical materials of Teutori Library 

  • Teutori Library is completely closed from 14 to 20 February 2023, when the medical materials and premises of the library are also out of use.  
  •  After the moves, 21 February 2023 onwards medical materials and library services are normally available in Teutori Library.  
  • The second floor of Teutori Library will be kept closed in the spring during the migrations and changes, when the study rooms and meeting rooms will be out of service.    
  • Quantum Library will move to Teutori Library during March-April. We will inform you of the more precise timetable and effects of the move during the spring. 


Created 30.01.2023 | Updated 30.01.2023