The Film Campus That Never Sleeps Has Been Released


We wanted to make a film that shows, what the University of Turku is all about, says director Miika Elo.

​The short movie filled with “we" spirit begun to take shape in the winter of 2011. Cameras started to roll in February of 2012 and filming continued in the spring and summer.

An estimated 100 students and faculty members took part in the project. Over 20 hours of material was shot for the nine minute long end product.

– We wrote a fiction-like screenplay, but filmed the material in a documentary style. Countless of scenes had to be shot just in case, because we never knew if certain situation would ever occur again, contemplates Elo.

The result is a film called Campus That Never Sleeps, which makes both the members of the university community and the filmmakers proud.

– The movie doesn’t explain things, it tells a story in a film language, Elo says.

Camera was a welcomed guest

The level of co-operation was high in the ranks of students and staff members of the University of Turku. Volunteers were easy to find and everybody was enthusiastic about the project.

– In many of my films people have been afraid of the camera. This time we didn’t spot anything like that, says Elo.

However, there were some obstacles.

– We filmed on location so nothing was built or lit in a studio manner. Because these decisions were made before the shooting begun, it was relatively easy to overcome the problems, Elo reminds.

The idea is that the film can be shown in a variety of situations. It works among other things both as a visiting card for travelling researchers and as a commercial aimed at high school -students.

Campus That Never Sleeps is available both in English and in Finnish.

The film was directed by Miika Elo and written by Juliana Elo. The film was ordered by the University Communications and produced by Frame Graphics. Martti Wallasvaara served as an Executive Producer and Jari Pollari as the Main Cameraman. With the funding of Turku University Foundation the original music of the film was composed by Jani Lehto. Lehto was also the Sound Designer.  The creation and planning of the film was begun with the advertising agency Zeeland.

>> Campus That Never Sleeps

Jouko Luhtala

Created 10.12.2012 | Updated 07.06.2018